Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 210

Dear Ty,

When you came into my life three years ago my dear sweet boy, I was feeling a whole mess of emotions.

I remember being incredibly moved the night you were born because I could feel my dads calming presence in the room.

I was so worried that you would come on the one year anniversary of his death, and you decided that you wanted to hang out in my tummy just a little bit longer.

Thank goodness, I wanted you to have your very own day to celebrate!

From the moment the doctor laid you on my tummy and our eyes met, I felt an instant connection form between us, you were my son and I loved every single inch of you.

Out of the three of you, I fear that your childhood is passing by the quickest.

I often find myself stopping and saying, gosh, when did he get so big? How and when did he learn how to do that?!

My favorite Tyson-ism is the way you make us all smile.

You were born during a time when I wasn't doing very much smiling, in fact I was pretty angry and upset that my dad was ripped away from us so suddenly.

God works in mysterious, amazing ways though and brought you into our family at just the right moment.

You remind me of my dad with that adorable sense of humor.

I don't think that you ever tire of making everyone around you smile and laugh, I love that about you!

I hope you always know how very much you are loved and that you never lose that zest for life and twinkle in your eye!

Happy Birthday my little Angel, I love you!


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