Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 22 (and the reason I am behind!)

About 4 weeks ago, I received a phone call from the principal at the elementary school where I used to work (and where my kids go to school). They needed a title one teacher as soon as possible and she wanted to know if I would be interested. Well, it took me a lot of soul searching and a couple of sleepless nights and I finally decided that at this point, I couldn't take it. I did tell her, however, that I could fill in until they found a replacement (since it was pretty much the same job as I did last year, just new students). I spent three weeks with the kids and had a lot of fun (especially getting to work in my sons class!). Between keeping up with that, kids, home, photography, ect., ect. I didn't have time to keep up with my blog. I felt pretty bad about it at first but have come to the conclusion that I want to finish it, however out of order the days will be! I won't be finishing on Jan. 1, 2012 like I had hoped, but thats ok. My life is busy and I want to continue to document it, even if it gets a little out of order! So, without further ado, here is Day 22.
This is Tanner and Ty with Tanner's good friend from school, Parker. He was so excited to have a friend over to play and when I asked them if I could take their photo, they grudgingly said yes and then the little guy snuck in as well. I have a feeling this will happen a lot in the future, Ty wanting to be 'included' with his big brother and his friends! But, do you notice that he is the only one looking at me?!

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