Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 30

It was just Madi, Tanner, and I home this evening since Travis and Ty are off getting some beet pulp for the cows, and I couldn't think of what to make for supper. Tanner had a great idea when we were at the grocery store to make manicotti and since my not so adventurous husband wasn't going to be home for the meal, I said yes! Travis is your typical scandinavian, non-adventurous eater and since I share some of my ancestory with him as well as the slightly more adventurous Italians (at least when it comes to eating, I don't mean to offend anyone!) I love to cook both types of foods..I just choose the times when I cook Italian a little more carefully, i.e., when my picky husband isn't home!
Tanner even happily volunteered to help because he loves it so much. Madi ended up helping a little more, when it came down to it, the Wii game Tanner was playing seemed a lot more interesting than cooking supper! I took a lot of shortcuts last night, there was no homemade sauce that my mom used to serve and the garlic bread even came ready to heat out of the box. I am not normally one to cut corners that much with cooking but I am glad that we did because by the time I put the meal on the table it was after 7 and everyone was starving! I wanted to take a couple of photos of the kids and their food but they scarfed it down so fast I wasn't able to. We had a great night together and sat around the table long after the food was gone talking and laughing and telling stories. I am so thankful for good food and a fantastic family!

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