Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 107

Sometimes when you are two years old, you don't want to get your photo taken. No matter how much mom and dad and nana and the strange lady with the big black thing in your face would like you to.

It doesn't matter that they have tried everything from fruit snacks to juice to a new movie, you just don't want to sit still and look 'pretty' as they are trying so hard to convince you to do.

That is, until someone mentions 'make-up'.

Then suddenly you perk up and get excited.

So excited in fact that you have to dump the entire contents of nanas makeup bag on the floor to inspect the colorful objects.

What to wear first?

Decisions, decisions.


Thanks Miss J for being girly and loving make up and for allowing me to finally get some great shots of you today!

I know that you made your mommy and daddy and nana and I all very happy!

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