Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 109

Today was a MUCH better day!

It was cloudy and the air had a slight crispness to it, but we spent the day outdoors anyway.

I {LOVE} spring!

I wanted to post a photo of our new lawnmower but instead of taking photos of it, I spent the afternoon riding it.

It is a HUGE improvement from what we had before! I actually liked mowing the grass..{gasp!}.

While we were outside, we found lots of ways to have fun and get dirty.

Here is my sometimes tom girl/ sometimes girly girl riding her beloved bike through some mud puddles.

She had such a good time and I am proud of myself for not once telling her stop and not get so dirty.

I have been trying to live by this lately.. (instead of just thinking it) ...

life is short

and kids are little for such a small amount of time,

I want them to enjoy as much time as possible just being a KID.


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