Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 126

Today was one of those milestone days when I didn't know whether to smile or cry.

As I sit here, trying to write a decent blog post about my oldest child finishing kindergarten, I am struggling to find the right words.

I am going to let some photos tell the story of his day...

He was very excited when he got on the bus this morning.

His class took a field trip around our hometown and visited places like the library, the clinic, and the nursing home.

Ty was so excited about seeing his big brother, and Tanner was equally thrilled to see him. I love that they held hands walking together through town.

We tagged along after we heard they were making a run for ice cream...Yum!

And this post wouldn't be complete unless I told you a little about Tanners amazing teacher.

Meet Mrs. Strand.
She has been such a positive, bright spot in Tanners daily life the past nine months! She helped us find ways to challenge him and keep him interested in school (which honestly has been a little bit of a struggle). I can't thank her enough for everything that she has done! But I will try to anyway, THANK YOU for loving and nurturing and helping our child grow this year!

I think Tanner summed it up pretty well when asked if he was going to miss Kindergarten...'I want to go to first grade, but I am really going to miss kindergarten and I don't really want to talk about it.'

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